Start Laser Hair Removal Now And Be Free Of Waxing By Summer

If you’re tired of shaving your legs and under your arms or waxing the hairs above your lips that are akin to a mustache, laser hair removal is a great option. It’s one of the most popular cosmetic procedures in the U.S. Both men and women are using laser hair removal to eliminate unwanted hair permanently. Many men want a smooth chest and are tired of their back looking like that of a bear. 

Board-certified physician Dr. Sherri Casey with Northshore Skincare & Med Spa helps many patients rid themselves of unwanted hair. Laser hair removal, while a cosmetic procedure, is also a medical procedure. Instead of visiting a practice where someone without extensive medical training performs the procedure, you don’t have to worry about the credentials of your provider at Northshore Skincare & Med Spa.

Where on the body can laser hair removal be done? 

Laser hair removal can be done on many areas of your body where you have unwanted hair: legs, face, chin, back, underarm, bikini line, and more. 

Have laser hair removal during the winter months

Unlike waxing, laser hair removal needs to be done before summer begins. You won’t be able to lie in the sun for at least six weeks before and after the procedure. Exposure to the sun’s rays makes laser hair removal less effective and may produce complications that you want to avoid. Winter is a perfect time to remove that unwanted hair.

You’ll save many hours over the years by choosing laser hair removal to eliminate hair. Experts say that women spend up to 1,728 hours over their lifetimes shaving their legs. It’s also the number one beauty ritual that women dislike the most. Waxing is the most expensive way to remove unwanted hair; over a lifetime, women who wax once or twice a month spend about $23,000. Don’t you want to save more than $20,000?  

How does a laser work to remove unwanted hair?

Dr. Casey uses a laser specifically designed to remove hair. It produces rapid pulses of a special light that heats your hair follicles which produce the hair. Pigment in the hair under your skin absorbs the laser’s light, a process which destroys the integrity of the root of the follicle. Gradually, the hair dies. Your hair grows at different rates, so additional treatments are needed to eliminate all of the hair. 

How long does a laser hair removal treatment take?

Laser hair removal time varies based on the area of your body you’re having done. The laser treatment covers hairs in an area the size of one quarter within one second. If you’re removing unwanted hair above your upper lip that gives the appearance of a mustache, the laser treatment lasts less than one minute. However, having your legs done may take about an hour

How many appointments will I need to remove all of the hair? 

Each individual responds differently to cosmetic and medical treatments. You’ll be scheduled for an appointment every six weeks until all of the hair is gone. Depending on the area you’re having done and your body’s response, you’ll likely need between three and seven sessions

Call or book an appointment online with Northshore Skincare & Med Spa today to have the smooth, silky skin for a lifetime.  

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