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TruSculpt® Flex in Covington, LA

TruSculpt® Flex is the latest technology in the world of skincare and muscle sculpting. This unique, non-invasive treatment method can help you achieve a more toned body without all the strict dieting and early-morning workouts. Who says you can’t see gains without pain?

Northshore Skin Care & Med Spa is a medical aesthetics practice that provides a wide variety of services in Covington, LA, and the surrounding area. Our TruSculpt® Flex procedures use cutting-edge technology with multiple modes to create your perfectly sculpted look. Contact us to see if this treatment option is right for you!

Non-surgical Muscle Sculpting Treatment

When it comes to muscle toning, there’s a lot of information out there telling you what you should and shouldn’t do. Hit the gym, but don’t work out too often. Eat protein, but avoid fatty foods. Some would even recommend getting surgery to reshape your body once and for all.

You can silence the crowd with TruSculpt® Flex. This non-surgical treatment has helped many patients build muscle definition without the extreme dedication, sacrifice, and safety concerns.

What Is TruSculpt® Flex?

TruSculpt® Flex is a state-of-the-art device that increases muscle mass and sculpts your body. The multidirectional stimulation technology provides three different treatment modes to stimulate muscles like a well-rounded workout. While it can take several months of crunches and squats to see noticeable improvements, TruSculpt® Flex offers results in 15 minutes.

Body shape, fitness level, and aesthetic goals vary from person to person. That’s why we tailor our treatments to your preferences and needs. With TruSculpt® Flex, you can tone your body to your specific fitness level, body shape, and goals.

How Does TruSculpt® Flex Work?

Exercising helps your body build and tone muscles by contracting, expanding, and straining them. TruSculpt® Flex works the same way for body contouring, using gentle electrical currents to stimulate muscles.

TruSculpt® Flex can treat multiple areas of the body simultaneously for even results. A single session may include treatment for your abdomen and thighs. You can also take advantage of three different treatment modes:

  • Prep: This mode prepares your muscles to prevent overstimulation and damage. It’s the equivalent of stretching before playing sports or hitting the weight room.
  • Tone: Toning involves working your muscles to exhaustion and relaxing them. This helps with endurance and strength.
  • Sculpt: TruSculpt® Flex can also build muscle mass using the sculpt mode. With deep, rapid muscle contractions, you’ll boost basal metabolic rate (BMR) and achieve your desired look.

What Are the Benefits of TruSculpt® Flex?

If you’re looking for a proven way to enhance muscle definition, look no further than TruSculpt® Flex! This non-invasive treatment option has numerous benefits. Here are some of the most popular for our clients:

  • Convenience: Some muscle sculpting procedures require you to stop eating, exercise, and follow specific pre-treatment guidelines. Not TruSculpt® Flex. You simply show up for your session, let our team take care of you, and return to everyday life.
  • Zero side effects: Side effects are a major concern for many patients. With TruSculpt® Flex, you can rest easy. It’s 100% safe and comes with zero side effects.
  • Effective results: TruSculpt® Flex offers convenient body contouring treatment with effective results and extensive medical research to back them up.
  • Fast procedures: One treatment session takes about 15 minutes. You can expect significant results after just two procedures.
  • No recovery time: With regular workouts, you’ll deal with soreness and muscle fatigue. With surgery, you may need post-treatment therapy and a lengthy recovery period. TruSculpt® Flex has zero recovery time, so you can get back to enjoying life.

Diets, workouts, and rigorous exercise routines take a lot of time, energy, and money, and it could be months before you notice any improvements to your overall muscle definition. At Northshore Skin Care & Med Spa, we offer exceptional treatment options to sculpt your muscles without the inconvenience and downtime. Go online or call us at (985) 893-7700 to learn more about TruSculpt® Flex in Covington, LA.

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